There are so many contraceptives… it is not easy to find the ideal one. You certainly have a ton of specific questions. What is the feeling with a vaginal ring? How to correctly put on a condom without tearing it up? How to remember to change the contraceptive patch? 

Those are questions which people around you can help answer. Talk about it together to discover their experiences in term of contraception.


Talk about it

At the doctor

Your doctor will not be shocked. Ask them any question that comes to your mind. Together, for example, you can discuss if it is a good idea to start a new method. If you really prefer not to talk with your regular general practitioner, you can make an appointment with another one. Every doctor will help you the best they can. What is said and prescribed during a medical appointment is confidential. Thus, it is not mandatory to talk about it to parents or anyone else. Money should never be an issue: different solutions exist, discuss it with your doctor or make an appointment in a Family Planning center. 

At the gynaecologist

Gynaecologist are specialized doctor in the study of the female genital. They are used to answer questions regarding sexuality and contraception. Planning Familial center are also the right place to ask questions regarding sexuality to professionals. If you are a man and you want to talk about your sexuality or sterilization, you can also see a urologist. 

With someone you trust

A trustworthy person like a family member, can also guide you in your choice. They can talk to you about their experiences with some contraceptive methods. They will not find your questions weird. Who knows, maybe they also have many questions about contraception and will be thrilled to discuss  it with you. 

With your partner

You have a regular partner? Contraception is a subject that concerns you both. Maybe you do not know all the options available, or you have some misconception about some type of contraception. Spend some time reading this internet website and see what you both find important. It will facilitate the discussion.

In a specialized structure

There are many specialized structures that are available to listen to your questions and to advise you and support you in your choice in complete confidentiality, such as family planning centers, sexual health prevention associations, etc. .

To find the structure closest to you: FIND A SERVICE

At the pharmacy

Your pharmacist can answer numerous questions regarding contraception. Indeed, the pharmacist’s job is to tell you how to take your contraception, when it requires a prescription. It is also possible to obtain multiple contraception without mandatory prescription, like external or internal condom for example.